PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol North Blk 171c (kn)

Block 171c Edgedale Plains, #0
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Learning Through Play

PCF Punggol North Blk 171C provides a holistic learning for the students which consists of the 6 learning domains integrated into their lessons. The 6 learning domains are Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Environmental Awareness, Social & Emotional Awareness, Music & Movement, and Motor-Skills Development. The centre is set-up with the different learning corners to help meet the basic learning of the students.

One of the learning corners would be the Dramatic Play Corner where students can dramatise a small play with the props given. The plays that they act out will be according to their theme during the term. Number Bonds are also pasted on walls so that the students can play together while they learn.

PCF Punggol North Blk 171C also hopes to inculcate the students about racial harmony by celebrating Racial Harmony Day. The centre celebrates this occasion by setting up booths which consists of the different traditional cultures.

Each culture will be separated into different areas. Each class will go to one cultural booth where they play the different activities. As time proceeds on, the classes will switch to different booths. This enables the students to learn about all the different kinds of cultures, which broadens their knowledge about the different way of life.

Of course, the safety of the students is extremely important. Therefore, the classes will be split into small groups where 1 teacher will take care of 5 students each. This allows the teachers to monitor their students better and not neglect any of them.

After the event, there will be a sharing session where the students talk about their experiences. The centre hopes to instil respect in the students where no discrimination is allowed in any culture.

Field Trips

PCF Punggol North Blk 171C brings their students to field trips. These trips are depends on the theme during the term. For example, if the theme is about animals, the students will be brought to the zoo where they get to see and learn more about a specific animal. These trips are usually at least once per term.

The K2 students will also be brought to Primary Schools where they get to have a glance of how their school routines are going to be like in future. This allows the K2 students to be more prepared going to Primary Schools once they graduate. They would know what to expect once they start Primary School.

Value Work

PCF Punggol North Blk 171C values the students' work regardless their outcome. The centre publishes their students' work on walls to encourage the students to write/draw. The students are also given a dictionary each where they practice individual learning. The teachers will teach the students on the usage of the dictionary. Whenever the students are unsure of a word they need to write, they can search for the word in the dictionary. This promotes individual learning as they do not need to depend on teachers all the time.

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