PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Keat Hong Blk 411 (KN)

Block 411 Choa Chu Kang Ave 3,
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Working hand in hand with parents

Upon interview with a parent, she commented that by being in the parent support group, they get to understand more about the type of activities the children undergo in school and parents get to observe some of the activities as well. Parents are also called to help in various occasions such as festivals or cookery classes. By helping out in these occasions, they are able to see how lessons are conducted and know what activities their children are doing. In PCF Keat Hong Blk 411, the school does not only get the parents to contribute, they also want to help the parents in return as well. Talks are provided to the parents and the topics presents during the talk enable the parents to know how to nurture their child better. The parent commented that the talks are very useful and it is convenient for the parent as the talks are conducted in the school.

Mass birthday celebration

The centre has a mass birthday celebration monthly. This is where the whole level and parents are involved in the celebration of the children's birthday. The children will sing songs and they will also learn why they are celebrating their birthday as well as appreciate their parents. Flowers and words of appreciation are presented to the parents. "Some parents are so touched that they teared," said the principal.

Enrichment programs

PCF Keat Hong Blk 411 provides tuition class's for K2 for English and Mathematics. This helps those weaker in academics and would be a form of extra practice for the children. In addition, the centre provides abacus classes. Abacus is known to enhance the development of the children's right brain and help in the numerical memory. This is especially good for children to solve mental sums.

Cookery and science classes

The centre provides cookery and science classes in their curriculum. These classes are on alternate weeks. These two programs are connected and are part of integrated learning.

For cookery classes, the children will learn how to bake, make drinks and do simple dishes. Children also learn how to make traditional dishes such as kebab and tangyuan. Though these cookery classes, the children get to learn vocabulary related to cooking, fine tune their motor skills and also learn about science.

For science classes, the children will get to do outdoor and indoor experiments and get hands on experiences. For instance, when the children learn about plants, the children get to do planting and bring the plant back to school. Children would then get to observe and record the growth of the plant. After which, they will cut the wheat plant off and blend it into wheat grass juice. Lastly, the children will get to experiment with the wheat grass. As we all know that wheat grass has a weird taste, children get to add in different things to find out which ingredient added will make the it taste better. Through this experiment, the children get to learn about responsibility, and gain confidence from their success. Children also get to make the wheat grass juice which is also part of cookery.


PCF Keat Hong Blk 411 collaborates with several organizations. They collaborate with NLB for the reading program whereby they bring children to borrow books. They also collaborate with NCYS to give PEP talks to parents. The centre also collaborated with the Community centre to make it a platform for children to perform and get priority to join in programs organized by the CC such as the reading programs. Last but not least, by collaborating with the primary school, the K2 children get to visit along with their parents. A series of programs would be organized by the primary school and the purpose of K2 children visiting is to let them have a feel of how it is like to be in primary 1 and also to let the parents know what to expect.

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