PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Zhenghua Blk 528 (KN)

Block 528 Jelapang Rd, #01-79
Principal: Chua Lee Leng Angelin
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PCF Zheng Hua Blk 528 is a vibrant and brightly coloured school that displays various art works done by the students. Different classrooms are all decorated differently based on the creativity of the different teachers there. Apart from the central curriculum, PCF Zheng Hua Blk 528 focuses in Sports and Music. A central curriculum would be available for the Nursery classes in the coming years.

Nurturing the child’s music talents

The centre provides music toolbox program and a music Orff program to bring out the student’s maximum potential in music.

The music toolbox program starts when the students are in Nursery. The teachers undergo training, 4 times a year from the professionals during the school holidays. In addition, they have to pass a basic theory paper in order to be qualified to teach the students music in the school. From the music toolbox program the students get to learn how to play various instruments and learn how to sing songs with increasing difficulty. Students also get to learn the basics of music such as the beats, rhythm and terms that are related to music. In Nursery, the children will get to learn how to play the wrist bells, egg shakers, clavers. In K1 and K2, they will learn how to play the xylophone. This gives the students a more practical, hands on and enjoyable music experience. The different songs learnt by the students will progress in difficulty.

The music Orff program is a program whereby the students will learn music and dance from their teachers and put up a performance. It is a preparation for a concert throughout the year and at the end of the year, they will put up their performance. This reinforces what they have learnt and it also allows students to be better prepared for an astounding performance during the year end period.

Enrichment programs

Other than focusing in music, the centre also allows the students to try out abacus and table tennis starting from K1. These programs are planned within school time. Hence students do not have to spend extra time in school to pursue their interest in these programs.

Abacus is known to help with the development of the right brain and aids in the ability for mental calculations. This is an advantage as it enables the students to solve general mathematical problems faster.

Table tennis is a sport that is of an increasing trend in Singapore. By introducing it as an enrichment program, it enables the students to start learning the sport that made Singapore proud. By participating in this program, students get to learn table tennis and get to execute their skills in telematch held among the Zhenghua PCF. An external vendor is hired and the students get an opportunity to learn from these coaches. Each lesson last for about an hour and a half and each student get to learn on a one on one basis with the coach. They have 3 classes and it is a 7 hour program each week. The students get to learn the basics of table tennis and their skills will be reinforced. What is interesting about the tournament held is the fact that it is a team effort, whereby the student plays the match with their parent as a partner. This also promotes the parent-child bond as they enjoy a game of table tennis.

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