PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Punggol East Blk 143 (kn)

Block 143 Rivervale Dr, #01-55
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Learning Programmes

PCF Punggol East Blk 143 provides a holistic learning which consists of the 6 learning domains. These learning domains are integrated into their lessons. They are Language & Literacy, Numeracy, Social and Emotional Development, Aesthetic & Creative Expression, Discovery of the World and Motor-Skills Development.

The centre also has an added component which is the Julia Gabriel Speech & Drama program. Selected teachers in PCF Punggol East Blk 143 had achieved Julia Gabriel Foundation Teaching Certificate (Speech and Drama) and constantly keep themselves abreast with trainings conducted by representative from Julia Gabriel. These trainings help the teachers enhance their teaching skills and make the lesson more value-added for the students. The K1 and K2 children also attend Speech and Drama lessons weekly.

PCF Punggol East Blk 143 also hosts Art holiday programmes. The programs are conducted by the art director from Big Gecko Arthouse. In art, the students will be taught further in depth about the elements of Art such as texture, value and colors etc. 

Parental Involvement

"It is important for parents to be involved in their children's learning process," said Ms Lim Wei Ni, the Principal. This led to PCF Punggol East Blk 143 organising Children's Day Carnival annually. This serves as a bonding session between the parents, children and the teachers. It was well received and received great feedback from parents.

A carnival is conducted annually since Year 2012 where activities such as games, balloon-sculpturing, photo-booth and food stalls are available. This event is usually conducted at the Multi-Purpose Hall near the PCF Punggol East Blk 143.

The parents will be notified about the carnival a month beforehand. The students learn to manage the coupons that they are given for the carnival and are very involved in the preparation of the props needed for the carnival. The parents also love such bonding sessions with their children as the children and themselves enjoy the activities that are planned together.

Our Approach

"Over at PCF Punggol East Block 143, we believe in nurturing our children to be individuals who excel in everything they do. Our vision states, "Soaring to greater heights" as we want them to reach/achieve to a higher level. As teachers, we teach with love and laughter as we want to nurture individuals to love learning", said Ms Lim Wei Ni. Learning should always be fun.

SKYPE Program

SKYPE is an online social programme where people can video call locally or overseas through the internet. PCF Punggol East Blk 143 connects through educational companies or even overseas centres to share about their culture or knowledge. Preparations will be made for the SKYPE call to be conducted during class. The students get to SKYPE with overseas schools where they share about their country and what they do in their daily lives. With the SKYPE programme, the students are able to interact with people around the world and that is when learning takes place outside the classroom.

PROFLAiR Programme

FLAiR is catered to the students who are weaker in their English language. 15 of the weakest students within the same cohort will be identified during their K1 year. The students will then be in the Proflair programme in K2 which will last throughout the year.

The students will be taken out from their class for approximately an hour daily to attend this programme. The proflair teacher will conduct activities for these students which involves a lot of interaction and speech. A teacher will spend around 1hr to 1.5hrs on a group of 4-6 students. This allows the students to learn better in a small group setting. Assessment of the children would be done by the Proflair too.


PCF Punggol East Blk 143 takes videos and photographs of the students during activities to show the progress of their children's learning of the 6 learning domains. CDs will then be given to the parents during the Parent-Teacher Conference.

Tea Party

In May 2013, PCF Punggol East Blk 143 replaced Parent-Teacher Conference with Tea Party. All the parents were invited to attend the tea party. Teachers would still prepare individual portfolio for each and every child. However, teachers went an extra mile to collate and compile all the photographs and videos of children's learning within the classrooms into a class video to be played during the tea party. The children would also put up a little performance which showcased what they had learnt in school. All the parents gave good feedback about this tea party. They feel that they could see the children perform 'live'.

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