PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Paya Lebar Blk 23 (kn)

Block 23 Hougang Ave 3, #01-30
Principal: Ms Junaidah Bte Karduli Order your Start Small Dream Big Book now

Wholesome development

The aim of this centre is to develop children holistically in the cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains and to provide experiences that are meaningful and developmentally appropriate to foster learning.

To achieve their aim, children in the centre learn through the central curriculum used by the centre and which covers the six domains, namely Environmental awareness, Motor skills development, Numeracy development, Language & literacy, Self & social awareness and Aesthetics & creative expressions.

On top of that, children’s language and literacy development is enhanced through a separate phonics and reading programme. Story and non-fiction readers are made available to the children. Non-fiction readers cover topics on science and environmental awareness and are meant mostly for K2 children to help them develop cognitively. Story readers are used not only to strengthen the children’s language development but also to teach dispositions and moral values. Children who need more help with their language development are recommended for the FLAIR programme which aims to help such children through small group learning.

Integrated learning

Integrated learning is introduced not only at the learning corners where children learn through cooperative play, social, cognitive, language and numeracy skills but is also done through physical activities carried out in the gym cum music room.

Instead of the usual gross motor development equipment and rock wall, the gym in this centre is equipped with other interesting items which help children develop not only their motor skills while having activities in this room.

For example, instead of providing just round hoops, children can play with hoops of different shapes and colours.

A movable board with numbers on it is placed at a strategic point in the gym room. Children may be given a number or a mathematic question (for example, the sum or difference of two numbers) and they have to throw balls at the correct numbers.

Another integrated activity at the gym is having children throw dice and move on a big snake and ladder board. They learn numeracy, language and social skills in this game, at the same time, developing their motor skills through movement on the board.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Paya Lebar Blk 23 (kn)

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