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Block 51 Old Airport Road,
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Chinese Cultural Programme

K1 and K2 children can opt to take part in this daily two-hour programme before or after school. The centre ties up with the Hokkien Huay Kwan which provides teachers to teach the children Chinese Calligraphy and Wushu on Mondays and Tuesdays. From Wednesdays to Fridays, teachers from the centre teach these children Chinese poems and rhymes, conduct art and craft activities and explore the web with the children to learn more about Chinese cultures.

Reading Festival

The centre organises a Reading Festival every year. Previously, they had collaborated with other private kindergartens. A theme would be agreed upon and K2 children from both kindergartens worked together to put up a skit based on a book that explored the set theme. K1 children from both kindergartens would recite rhymes. Besides watching the skit and performances, parents are also involved as story tellers. Students from Broadrick Secondary School were invited to put up a skit related to the theme too. Through such a programme, children are introduced to the world of books and the joy of reading. On top of that, children learn to work with peers from other kindergartens, developing social, teamwork and collaboration skills.

This year, the centre decided to do something different. The teachers brought the children to the National Library which gave a guided tour of the library to the children and provided story telling sessions and other interesting activities.

Art wall for Nursery children

The centre has just put up ceramic tiles on one of its external walls and Nursery children will soon be able to doodle, draw and paint of this wall. This is one of the takeaways which the Principal, who went on a PCF-sponsored trip to China has brought back to the centre. She wants to encourage the young ones to express their creativity in different ways.

Fun holiday programmes

During the first three days of the long school holidays, the teachers will plan optional fun programmes such as cooking, art and craft and movie sessions for the children.

Table Tennis

This is done in collaboration with STTA which provides the coach for this programme. This programme is included in the curriculum hours to benefit all the children.

Chinese Speech and Drama

This is another programme that is included in the curriculum hours and is done in collaboration with Hokkien Huay Kwan which provides the teacher for this programme.

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