PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Kampong Glam Blk 462 (kn)

Block 462 Crawford Lane
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PCF Kampong Glam Blk 462 has been SPARKS Accredited in August 2012. The learning approach adopted at the centre is the iTeach program: Teaching and Learning principles are designed to nurture early learners, ensuring a firm foundation is built for the next phase of the child’s learning journey.

Environmental Awareness

The centre has innovative and practical activities whereby the children become “Little Green Ambassadors” to promote environmental awareness. For instance, the children will receive a sticker whenever they bring their own bags to the supermarket. Depending on the amount of stickers collected, they can be exchanged for a bronze, silver or gold environmental ambassador badge. The children learn the importance of reducing the wastage of plastic bags and understand that alternatives such as a simple act of bringing their own grocery bags can be a step towards a greener environment.

Enrichment Classes

Speech & Drama enrichment classes are conducted to further enhance the child’s aesthetics and creative expression. Working with Periwinkle Communications Pte Ltd, trained personnel will come down to the centre to conduct the hour long lessons every week. The course encompasses breathing techniques, language development, articulation exercises, confidence building, and creativity as well as public speaking skills. Such enrichment classes allow the child to learn in a fun environment and inculcate a love for literature and drama from an early age.

Primary School Immersion Programmes

The school also collaborates with Farrer Park Primary School (2012) and Stamford Primary School (2011) in the vicinity, which gives the graduating K2 students a tour of the Primary School, to familiarise themselves with a new school surrounding they would be facing soon. Such visits are important to help ease the curiosity and nervousness that the K2 students may have prior to their Primary School journey. This gentle adjustment through immersion programmes will definitely help mentally prepare the child for potential obstacles they may encounter as they know what they can expect at the new school.

Parent Involvement in Events and Excursions

To promote a healthy lifestyle, the centre brings the children on community walks. Parents are also encouraged to come on such walks, to allow for parent-child bonding and opportunity for parents and teachers to meet informally.

Parent volunteers have also participated in fun and exciting events such as helping out in Sports Day and Health Screenings. During Sports Day, parents took roles such as being referee for soccer matches, ushers, and competition judges, allowing the programme to flow smoothly and be a success. Parent volunteer Mdm Pang has personally conducted a demonstration for the K2 children on how to create a flower bouquet from recycled materials. For example, artificial roses were crafted from egg cartons, while balloon sticks were used to make the flower stalk.

In collaboration with the Neighbourhood Police, police officers came down to the centre to educate the children on the importance of road safety in a fun and engaging manner. The children were better able to take in and understand the proper road safety habits and were given the opportunity to ride in a police car. There was also a question and answer segment which was well received by the children, a reflection of the amount of interest the children put into these educational talks. It was a memorable experience for the children as they enjoyed interacting with the friendly police officers and took home valuable life lessons.

Workshops for Parents

The centre has organized Math Workshops for parents to gain a better understanding of what their children are learning. This workshop proved to be useful for parents who were interested and curious to be part of their child’s academic learning journey as the topics covered helped to bridge the gap between the current knowledge and resources taught in their child’s curriculum. In September 2012, a balloon sculpturing workshop was conducted to promote a healthy parent-child bonding activity for all to do at home.

Environmental Movement

In an effort to introduce environmental initiatives, the children use recycled materials for Arts & Crafts. Through this activity, children learn how to reuse and recycle used materials by converting them into useful products. This drive to promote environmental sustainability and awareness at a young age allows them to appreciate nature and what they have. The centre has also participated in the NEA Arts Competition, where the children made beautifully hand crafted artworks out of recycled materials.

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