PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Eunos Blk 122 (CC)

Block 122 Bedok Reservoir Rd,
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Niche & Enrichment Programmes

Art and craft activities provide children with opportunities to express themselves and their creativity and provide avenues for children to integrate other areas of learning such as numeracy and language.

This centre is privileged to have a pool of teachers talented in art. The Principal quickly maximises this ready resource to implement art-related activities to the benefit of the children.

In the next year, the centre will expand lesson plans in this area and also emphasise more on Music and Movement activities. After school hours, enrichment programmes such as Public Speaking, Abacus and Hanyu Pinyin are conducted for the children by external vendors. These programmes aim to stretch the children in other areas of development and prepare them for primary school.

Collaborations that benefit the children


With Telok Kurau Primary School

Annually, K2 children from the centre would visit Telok Kurau Primary School and participate in programmes and activities organised by the primary school students. This collaboration aims to familiarise the K2 children with the school environment and help them understand the routine and what is required of them when they move on to primary one.

With the National Library Board

Specially selected books are loaned from NLB to facilitate teachers to read to the children. These books are also left in the reading corner for children to read to reinforce what they have learnt. This is the centre’s way of encouraging children to develop good reading habit and strengthen their language skills.

North East Community Development Council

Children in the centre participated in the Eco Kids Workshop organised by North East Community Development. They learnt about the Earth and nature and how they can play a part in taking care of nature and our environment.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Eunos Blk 122 (CC)

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