PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Clementi Blk 462A (KN)

Block 462a Clementi Ave 3,
Principal: Halimah Binte Othman
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Environmental Initiatives

PCF Cementi Blk 462A has a well-established recycling corner in the main classroom, where the bins are clearly labeled to which materials should be thrown into. The children at the centre understand the proper disposal of waste and the importance of recycling and how they can do their part to save the environment. Under the Little Green Dot Project, environmental related workshops were also conducted where the children were taught the 3F’s: To Flip, Flap and Flatten the tetra packages before recycling them.

The centre also carries out science lessons involving plants, where children grow green beans and identify leaves of different plants. They document the growth of the green bean plant over a span of a few weeks and have the feel of becoming a “Little Scientist”. Such unique activities conducted at the centre will instill responsibility in the child as they care for their plant and give them an edge to test their observations skills. Teachers at the centre play a vital role in ensuring the progress of their experiment goes smoothly, thus facilitate a fun yet rewarding interactive learning.

Language and Literacy

Reading is an integral part of the curriculum, where group discussions review what they have learnt previously from other lessons. This programme hopes to inculcate good reading habits in the children, and instil good morals through lessons learnt. The programme aims to make reading an integral part of the children’s lives thus boost their learning potential. The reading programme is also structured in a way to promote logical thinking skills and reading comprehensions from the stories. In collaboration with NLB, the centre was given a supply of 500 books under the ReadWrite program.

Another exciting concept of teaching these young minds is role play, where the children are given a role to play out such as a cashier at a supermarket. Other children become the customers purchasing groceries in pushcarts, where they have to calculate the amount of money to “pay” to the cashier. These role-plays can stretch beyond one’s imagination, following real life themes such as running a restaurant or becoming a service staff at an airport! The children have a fun and enjoyable time fitting into the role they have, at the same time unconsciously learning proper social skills and behaviour.

Prospective Cooking Lessons

Principal, Ms Norlelahwati, hopes to integrate cooking lessons into the centre’s curriculum. The aim is to work hand in hand with the parents and teachers to provide a fun and useful cooking activity for the benefit of the children. At the same time, healthier choice recipes will be used to promote a Healthy Lifestyle for the children at their tender young age, to encourage them to eat healthily in the future. Although the centre provides healthy snacks, the children are allowed to bring their own food, but junk food is not permitted.

Exciting Learning Journeys

The centre has brought the children to Kids Kampong, an animal farm, in line with the theme for the term of “Animals”. Children have also been exposed to learning about local and world history through historic stamps at the Philatelic Museum. Such visits and excursions allow the children to gain more insight into a subject and encourage them to take the initiative to research and uncover more information themselves. Other fieldtrips include visits to the Clementi Mall Library, Singapore Zoo, Hydroponic Farm and many more.

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