PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Canberra Blk 487 (KN)

Block 487 Admiralty Link
Principal: Nuryani Binte Jeman
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PCF Canberra Blk 487 is the biggest kindergarten in the neighbourhood stretching across 3 parts of the void deck. All of the available spaces within the kindergarten are fully utilized, walls are fully decorated and even the floor has postings and artwork. It has a very bright and vibrant vibe to the whole kindergarten which enables a more comfortable and conducive place for learning.

Premium Program

PCF Canberra Blk 487 also offers ‘Thinking Caps’ which is a Premium program for the Kindergarten 2 children. Thinking Caps is a program to reinforce the understanding of the lessons that were being taught during the normal curriculum. Through more diversified activities, exercises and practices, their grasp on the similar subject is better. Unlike the normal program, the premium program includes longer curriculum hours of up to 7 hours in a day. Parents who require longer care for the children during office hours may consider the center.

Educational Corners

Educational corners within the classrooms are help the students achieve a more holistic education through different activities and facilities each different corners offer. The construction corner is neatly stacked with a variety of soft, hard different-shaped blocks and oddly-shaped puzzle pieces for the children. These toys are to help them develop their motor skills whilst ensuring they have fun with each other. 

The language and literacy corner is linked with the library corners. The children would be given time through rotation process to read the books that are available on the bookshelves. This way, everyone would have to read a book at least once in the week. The dramatic corner is where the children are to act out scenes based on themes. They role-play scenes that happen in the kitchen or when there is food present in any transaction.

Mother Tongue

The mother tongue languages provided here are Chinese and Malay. At the different mother tongue lesson venues, numbers, alphabets, shapes and colours are displayed on the walls in the mother tongue. The teachers keep the lessons interesting by having singing, dances, rhymes and riddles in the mother tongue to engage the students’ every time. 

Music Cum Gym room

PCF Canberra Blk 487 has an excellent gym room. It is fully equipped and furbished with an indoor rock climbing wall, an indoor basketball play area, multiple tricycles and a full storage of exercise equipments such as large bouncing balls and hoola hoops. Through the games and activities in the gym room, the children are encouraged to communicate with each other and subconsciously practice teamwork. Values like this are critical in the growing of a child so that they learn to eventually be a matured individual knowing how to give and take.

Here is also where the children are exposed to the elements of music where they are given opportunity to play and explore with music instruments such as maracas, egg shakers, tambourines and resonator bars.


The whole kindergarten is brightly decorated with the artworks of the children. After every theme, they complete a series of artworks ranging from hand print paintings, colouring and even drawing, the works would be pasted on the walls of the kindergarten to showcase their talents.

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