PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Changi-simei Blk 131 (kn)

Block 131 Simei St 1, #01-208
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Hands-on Experiences
PCF Changi-Simei Blk 131 places great emphasis on the children’s hands-on experience in addition to their central curriculum. The center believes that the children should learn within and outside of the classroom through these hands-on experiences.

Unlike many other centers that have field trips about once a term, PCF Changi-Simei Blk 131 conducts field trips on a monthly basis. By bringing the children on a field trip to learn more about the themes they are teaching, it gives the children a more fun and interesting way of incidental learning.

Apart from the monthly field trip and weekly outdoor learning, the center also conducts their own camps at least once a year. Through the camp, there will be many sharing sessions and learning experiences for the child to grow independently at the same time. The center has been conducting camps for about 5 years and parents have always been looking forward to it. Furthermore, what stands out is that the camps are catered for all levels! Children from the different level can get to interact with each other during the camp and K2 children will take care and look after the younger ones. The teachers and principal also noticed that after the camp, that deeper bonds between the children are forged as they look after one another.

Enhanced Programs
PCF Changi-Simei Blk 131 also has a range of enhanced programs for the children. The programs are additional to what the children are already learning within the curriculum. There are Aikido for Juniors, Exploring Science, Phonics and Reading, and the Chinese Appreciation Program.

The Chinese Appreciation Program teaches the children Mandarin in a fun environment through the form of speech and drama, and allows the children to use their 5 senses to experience and learn Mandarin.

Learning Mandarin the fun way
Other than the unique point of learning through hands-on experience, PCF Changi-Simei Blk 131 is known for its Mandarin classes. The Mandarin teacher goes the extra mile for the children and parents have given praise to it. The children love Chinese after joining the center as she uses various ways to capture the attention and interest of the children. She also partner with the children’s parents to get them involved to teach them how to make their child like Mandarin.

Partnership with Parents
The teachers and principal from the center also build close bonds with the parents. The center has a Facebook Page that is updated on a daily basis to reach out and update parents.
The center will try to get the parents involved in the center’s activities. For instance, before a field trip, the teachers will inform the parents to make lunch for their child. Through this, parents and the child get to bond as they prepare lunch together.
PCF Changi-Simei Blk 131 has a School-Home Involvement Program (SHIP) where children will bring a story book back home to read with their parents over the weekend or have mini art projects.

K1, K2 $139.10
NN $109.10

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