PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Changi-simei Blk 119 (kn)

Block 119 Simei St 1, #01-506
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Enrichment programs

Enrichment programs at the center are optional and extra-curricular. They include Phonics, Chinese Enhancement and Science Discovery. All the programs are conducted by Ednoland, and are games based, but with textbooks and worksheets to supplement learning. For phonics, plenty of animated pictures are used to help students recognize and remember the sounds of the vowels and consonants, and teachers help to facilitate learning. For Chinese Enhancement, the students are taught the characters in an interactive, story-based way where they match components of the characters to each other, and in the words of Mrs Choo, Principal, it’s “quite fun actually, we observe the children enjoying themselves.” As for Science Discovery, on-screen activities are projected using the visualizer and students are roped in to participate, and these are usually followed by hands-on activities designed to help the students understand and grasp the concepts better by allowing them to experience it for themselves.


The center follows the MOE Central Curriculum, where emphasis is placed on the domain of Language and Literacy, and the teaching of all other domains branch out from here. For the Mother Tongue subjects, the center offers Chinese and Malay as second languages. Mother Tongue teachers produce their own curriculum and they mostly revolve around interactive games and pictures. For Chinese, the e-pen is used sporadically as an educational tool, allowing students to write the characters on the board.

Every morning, students get to use the Ednoland educational enhancements at the individual learning corners as part of their learning corner time. These programs are tailored to suit the curriculum and will revolve around and touch on the themes that the students are learning, such as animals or transportation. This increases the level of interaction the students get in classes and also provides a different means of learning, allowing students to be exposed to a wide variety of programs.

Festivals and Moral Education

One of the center’s main highlights is its focus on celebrations and festivals. Students are treated to a wide variety of activities in accordance with every ethnic or religious festival, such as trips to Chinatown during the Chinese New Year period, or wearing ethnic costumes to school during Racial Harmony Day. This teaches the students diversity and enhances inter-racial and inter-religious respect, as well as increasing the cultural awareness of the students.

Festivals and celebrations are also used to teach the students values, like the school values PRAISE, which stands for Passion for learning and living; Respect; Awareness; Integrity; Sincerity and Empathy. These individual values are also enforced through ordinary activities. Students are taught to have integrity in class and encouraged not to cheat; empathy is displayed when students learn about Sharity the Elephant and donating to the less fortunate; and sincerity in terms of extensions of friendship is also encouraged. Besides this PRAISE system, the center also follows the PRAISE dispositions, which are incorporated into the curriculum to ensure of the well-rounded, holistic development of every student.

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