PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tampines Changkat Blk 284 (KN)

Block 284 Tampines St 22
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Enrichment classes

PCF Tampines-Changkat Blk 284 has three enrichment classes: Phonics, Chinese and Maths Talent. These are optional and parents can choose to pay for them. The phonics program has been conducted at the center for a long time and it centers mainly on teaching students to recognize the sounds and to join them to make words. For Chinese and Maths Talent, they focus mostly on the basics of the respective subjects and aim to supplement the compulsory curriculum.

Community collaboration

Every year, the K2 students get to visit Griffiths Primary School, where they are treated to a fixed program, a tour of the school, as well as a sneak peek into primary school life, which includes sitting in on lessons and CCA sessions as well as learning to buy food at the canteen. This experience is beneficial as it helps to ease the transition to primary school, as well as promoting independence and increasing awareness so that the K2 students don’t get a culture shock when they finally enter P1.

For example, in 2012, Griffiths organized an event called “Knowing People From Around The World” and the K2 students were invited to join them. This included a concert about the different cultures and the students all got to mingle and make friends, increasing their social awareness and cultural awareness.

Enhanced curriculum

The center creates their own curriculum and this closely follows the MOE guidelines to ensure that it is holistic. It is integrated and there is equal emphasis on all six domains. Besides the basic lessons, the curriculum is enhanced in the SMART program, where the John Langrehr Thinking Program and gym class is incorporated into the curriculum. For all students, Musical Toolbox is compulsory. For Musical toolbox, students are exposed to different types of instruments and learn the different elements of music, such as tone, tempo, beat, rhythm and melody. The center’s teachers are specially trained to conduct the program, which has been running for a few years and counting. Generally, this program promotes listening skills and musical awareness, and “the students know the names of the instruments after a few lessons,” remarks Mdm Aisah, senior teacher.

Pre-nursery program

The pre-nursery (pre-N) program is for students aged 30 months old to around 3 years old. The program’s focus is less on academics and concrete learning, but more on emotional development and social skills. Students learn to interact with their peers and teachers, and learn to share and follow instructions. The students learn to communicate with one another, even without verbal words, as some children do not know how to speak at that age yet. In this program, they also learn many essential motor skills, such as independent toileting and how to feed themselves. “We see them transit from being egocentric, meaning me me me, to knowing how to share toys and food,” said Mdm Aisah. Besides this, the students are also exposed to subjects such as English and Chinese to incite their interest in future learning.

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