PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Tanjong Pagar-Tiong Bahru Blk 130 (KN)

Block 130 Kim Tian Road, #01-157
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Language and Literacy

The centre believes that every child can be able to read and write by the time they graduate. Reading and writing activities are carried out to improve their fluency in the language. Speech and drama classes and storytelling are some of the lessons conducted, which tap on the child’s imagination to showcase their ideas confidently to the class. Children are also encouraged to bring their own books to read.

In 2010, the centre collaborated with NLB, and the centre is given a supply of books such that each class has their own Library corner. The children have a variety of word and puzzle books to choose from to build their vocabulary and language strength.

Motor Skills Development (MSD)

The centre has a gym room equipped with a child friendly rock wall specially designed for MSD. Tricycle cars, balls, skipping ropes are common sport equipment in the storage room for the children to use during their MSD activities. The centre is fortunate to be situated in front of the neighbourhood playground where the children can use during the outdoor activity period.

Arts & Crafts

Children enjoy a hands-on learning experience through Arts and Crafts, which exposes them to different methods of expressing their creativity, and improves their physical co-ordination as well. By immersing themselves in their artwork, they learn to concentrate on one thing at a time. Hence their concentration improves, at the same time inculcating perseverance in them as they strive to complete what they have started.


Role playing is taken to a whole new level as teachers incorporate learning numeracy as part of the play and learn process. For example, children are put into a supermarket setting where one child plays the ‘cashier’, while another becomes the ‘customer’. As the cashier, the child will collect a certain the amount of (fake) money and calculate the correct change to return to the customer.

Self & Social Awareness

Disagreements are a normal part of behaviour and can show that a child is an independent thinker and a self-motivated person. Children negotiate throughout the day, and if situations get out of hand at the centre, they are brought aside to settle their differences amiably. Teachers allow the children to solve their problems through appropriate conflict resolution skills, skills which will be very helpful to them as they negotiate life in the context of a social world. They will learn to settle arguments and disputes in constructive manners that minimize arguments and fighting.

Environmental Awareness

The centre embarks on a mission to raise the children’s curiosity and interest in the learning more about the environment. Classes are brought on fieldtrips to Marina Bay to learn more about how water is a vital resource, water conservation and water catchments in Singapore. One of the green initiatives carried out by the centre includes creating a recycling corner for children to understand the ways to reduce, reuse and recycling. Children are taught how to Flip-Flat-Flat their empty beverage cartons before recycling, or convert cartons into useful Art & Crafts work.

Use of Technology

Interactive educational software, Ednoland, is used in the computer labs which promote a systematic process of thinking and problem solving through technology. Activities in the lesson will tie in with what is taught in class. For example, for the theme “Under the Sea”, children play computer games where they have to recognize words and pictures related to marine life and animals. The software also covers topics such as Science & Technology, Phonics & Reading, Chinese Word Recognition and many more.

Enrichment Classes

Drama requires creative thinking skills and speaking with expression and confidence. Children who have undergone these enrichment classes have grown more confident and speak more fluently after being exposed to different scenarios. The child’s creative thought process is also put into play as they act out a variety of fun characters. By working with others, the children will develop these valuable life skills. The centre offers extra speech and drama enrichment classes at $156 per term.

Awards and Achievements

The Centre received the Good Practice Award: Teamwork & Individual for two straight years (2011, 2012).

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