Pat's Schoolhouse @ Tanglin (TA)

110 Alexandra Road
Principal: Ada Teo Poh Kwang Order your Start Small Dream Big Book now

Pat’s Schoolhouse at Tanglin has children coming from Tanglin, Jervois, River Valley and Alexandra. The school is spacious and has an outdoor play area to encourage physical and learning activities. Pat's Schoolhouse develops the child via key experiences that include team bonding and self & social awareness. Principal Ada Teo and her team of teachers are experienced and passionate. With their love for children and empathy with parents, they take pride in their work with children.

The school is decorated with children's art work - the charming invention corner has children illustrating wonders of science and technology. The second level is decorated to resemble a rain forest to support the nature theme that students explore as a part of their learning.

Unique to Pats’ Schoolhouse is its bilingual immersion programme. Every classroom is decorated with both English and Chinese language artwork and learning aids. Both the English and Chinese teachers will team up and facilitate learning. This way the children build up their proficiency in both the languages.

Parents are active partners in children's development. They often share their professional expertise with the children. Recent sessions have included children learning about pilates and golf.  


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