Pat's Schoolhouse @ Ridgewood Centre (RW)

61A Mount Sinai Drive
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Nestled in the neighbourhood of Mount Sinai, Pat's Schoolhouse Ridgewood center's vibrant energy and emphasis on nature can be felt as soon as one heads up the walkway. This center strive to create a nature-like campus with lots of greenery, fresh air and sunlight; a healthy environment for children to attain their best.


Many activities are carried out outdoors, such as gardening, leaf printing and leaf art. This reflecs the school’s emphasis on learning that is fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging.  Indoors, the campus has no doors, as the center believes in the usage of positive reinforcement instead of physical boundaries to separate classes.


Keeping with Pat’s Schoolhouse traditions, the center's vision is to nurture bilingual children with a love for English and Chinese. The center also aims to cultivate core values of Curiosity, Creativity, Confidence and Continuity in all students.  The thematic curriculum is purposeful with real life applications, and is supplemented with field trips that allow the children to better engage with the environment. For example, trips to the vegetable farm, science centre, botanic gardens and the zoo help children learn about nature. Neighbourhood walks to Ghim Moh allow children to learn about the different occupations and concurrently expose them to a heartlander’s lifestyle. Filling up the activity booklet on trips to the supermarket allows them to learn about money; activities in Chinatown and museums encourage learning about Singapore’s heritage and history respectively.


Developing children for the future, Pat’s Schoolhouse are among the first preschools in Singapore to adopt touch screen technology, assimilating active learning experiences (such as music and movement, art and craft, cooking, physical activities, foundational math, among others) with our enriched curriculum (FasTracKids, FasTrack Music and I-Math), creating an environment that promotes holistic growth in the children.



This center is proud of its excellent staff. They are hand-picked by the principal, Ms Xaviera Lim. The teachers are creative and passionate and inspire the children as a great role model. The teachers are respectful, humble learners themselves. While firm, the teachers are also patient listeners and instill confidence in the children.


Pat’s Schoolhouse Ridgewood values parental involvement. The school often holds carnival style family days helping the parents and children to bond.  Regular curriculum tea sessions for parents are also organised. This helps them learn more about the curriculum,  outings, activities and performances scheduled for the year.


The center encourages the toddlers in the Tot’s class to perform at the events, as they believe that this is a good platform for them to build confidence and at the same time experience the dynamics of being in the performance with older children.

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