In the heart of the Science Park, one can find Learning Vision @ Kent Ridge blending in with its sophisticated environment. The centre is the latest addition to the Learning Vision preschool chain and has been operational for almost an year. The  centre was previously located at the Ministry of Education (MOE) for 12 years and it mainly catered to the needs of the ministry staff. With its relocation, the centre now accepts parents from the wider community. The centre also provides a new infant care facility. The revamped centre is also the first to offer an entirely Mac based Learning Vision environment. The young children will have opportunities of being in touch with Informations, Communications and technology (ICT)  with appropriate guidance from the teachers.

The centre is a recipient of the Singapore Pre-School Accreditation Framework (SPARK) conferred by the Ministry of Education since June 2011. Learning Vision @ Kent Ridge has also won other industrial awards such as the Championing Efforts Resulting in Improved School Health (CHERISH Junior) Award, Best Educator Award and Healthy Eating in Childcare Centre (HECCP) Award.

The capable teaching staffs at Learning Vision @ Kent Ridge are led by the principal, Jamie Loh. With 14 years of experience in the early childhood industry, Jamie has much to offer when it comes to guiding the children’s development. . With a team of trained educators, the children and families will be able to benefit from our programme. Our early childhood educators at the centre are experienced and are well qualified. The average teacher has at least 3 years of teaching experience in preschools. Teachers at this centre are often featured in early childhood and lifestyle magazines. They also contributed to relevant articles in the mass media, sharing their insights regarding the children’s growth. One of the teachers was even awarded the “Most Outstanding Early Childhood Teacher Award” by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS).

Like its environment, Learning Vision @ Kent Ridge offers various enrichment courses to further nurture the curious minds of the young children. Some of these classes include Junior Science, Junior Art, Mandarin Speech & Drama and Hanyu Pinyin. The institute organises various events for both the parent and child to participate. The exhaustive list for this year’s activities comprises of excursions to Museums, Sea Aquarium visits, food fairs, holiday camps and art projects. The institute also celebrates the multicultural society in Singapore through holidays such as Racial Harmony Day, Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn Festival.

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