Pat's Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo (AZ)

19 Aroozoo Avenue
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You will be amazed upon entering Pat’s Schoolhouse – Aroozoo. It is one of the biggest campus that you may encounter. The area was originally a swimming pool, so Aroozoo gets to enjoy the luxury of space. Not only does Aroozoo have a large fully equipped playground, the campus is also decked with a running track and a spectator stand! This gives Aroozoo the privilege to host many outdoor events and activities where the children and even the parents participate. The large outdoor area gives the children the opportunity to take part in fun learning. Pat’s Schoolhouse believes that learning should be fun, hands-on as well as intellectually challenging.

Classrooms have themed decorations made by the students. The students are given countless opportunities for hands-on activities in school. There even take home projects that they can complete with their parents helping parent-child bonding. Apart from the art such as painting and drawings, children at Aroozoo have also grown their own mini garden and potted plants.

Parents and teachers are closely connected as the teachers will invite parents to be more involved and feel that they are part of the school as well. Parents will have a better sense of their child’s progress and the happenings at school. The teachers are diploma-trained and are knowledgable in their areas of expertise.

Pat’s Schoolhouse is unique for the low teacher-student ratio and bilingual immersion core curriculum where both English and Chinese language teachers are in class with the children all the time. The classrooms are also in English and Chinese and these provides children constant exposure to both languages throughout the day, giving a great boost to the child’s language journey.

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Pat's Schoolhouse @ Aroozoo (AZ)

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