(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marine Parade Blk 46 (KN)

Block 46 Marine Crescent, #01-
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A Mother’s story on her hunt for a suitable kindergarten for her child

Having arrived in Singapore from another land, this mother wanted to find a good kindergarten for her younger son. She looked at one private kindergarten near her home but was attracted to the beautiful display outside PCF Marine Parade Centre at Blk 46. She asked to have a look inside and was warmly welcomed into the centre.

She liked the organised and neat layout and the smiles on the children’s faces. So she enrolled her son into the K1 programme. She has not looked back since.

Her son could not speak much English when he joined the centre. Now, he speaks English well and could even master some Chinese words and phrases. He is always happy to come to school. What Mother appreciates most is the bond that her child has with the teacher.

Impression creations

There is an impressive display of children’s creation using Lego blocks on one of the glass windows of the centre’s facade. Once a week, children go to the Construction corner to build, construct and create something related to the theme which they are learning. Teachers would ask them questions about their creation, giving them the opportunity to express their ideas and extend these ideas.

In their attempt to extend such creativity amongst the children, the centre is looking into an Innovation Project which will get children, their parents and teachers together to build a child-sized landmark of Singapore using cubes. They intend to get children and teachers to practise building and constructing using such cubes before making a mock-up of the landmark. Once successful, they will involve parents to construct the real thing. This project has been submitted for the Innovation Grant which will provide the necessary funds to purchase the material needed for this project.

Besides promoting creativity, problem-solving skills and team work, this project will strengthen the bond among children, teachers and parents.



The Motor Skills Development Facility

The gym cum music room will be upgraded during this school holiday and parents and children can look forward to a brand new facility next year. Meanwhile, teachers have been going for trainings and workshops to arm themselves with the necessary skills to implement more gym and music and movement programmes for the children.

The computer corner and teaching equipment

The centre is looking into introducing more activities into the computers used by the children at the computer corner.

New projector screens will also be installed in some classrooms to enable teachers to screen videos and other web-based resources.

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(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Marine Parade Blk 46 (KN)

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