(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112 (kn)

Block 112 Whampoa Rd, #01-83
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PCF Whampoa Blk 112 is situated in a homely neighbourhood along Whampoa Road. The centre is SPARK accredited, ensuring quality education is given to develop every child’s potential. Brightly coloured door of the centre greet 3 separate corridors of the void deck, giving it an open, friendly and cosy neighbourhood atmosphere. This is one of the larger centres in the area and the bigger rooms are definitely put to good use at Blk 112. Furthermore, the centre offers proFlaIR programmes which cater to students who require extra assistance in languages.

Collaboration with other Educational Institutions

Moral Education is one of the focus areas the centre aims to inculcate in all students. A joint partnership with the Confucius Institute of NTU brings about an interesting class using “Di Zhi Gui” that teaches the students the meaning of important virtues such as Love, Kindness, Compassion, Filial piety and Trust. The non-mandarin speaking students are not left out as the tutor of the class will integrate fun learning through picture card games, animation and colourful slides in order to allow all students to enjoy and learn these moral values through play. These moral values are put into play through stories and skits which they will act out. Non-mandarin speaking students were enjoying the phrases being taught as well. Through this programme, the children learn a second mother tongue language, understand and practice good moral values all at the same time.

Primary School Immersion Programmes

The centre also collaborates with Balestier Hill Primary School in the vicinity, which gives the graduating K2 students a tour of the Primary School, to familiarise themselves with a new school surrounding they would be facing soon. Such visits are important to help ease the curiosity and nervousness that the K2 students may have prior to their Primary School journey. This gentle adjustment through immersion programmes will definitely help prepare the student for potential obstacles that they may encounter as they know what they can expect at the new school.

Fantastic Fieldtrips

“It is never too young to start learning,” said teacher Anne. The centre organizes fieldtrips according to the semester themes, which are rotated in order to maximise variety of programmes carried out. For example, this term, the centre has brought the students to the Singapore Zoo, Singapore Science Centre and Airport Terminal 1. This exposes them to the real surroundings which leave a more lasting impression on the themed lessons that they are learning.

Enrichment Programmes

The centre outsources enrichment programmes for parents who are interested to expose their child to courses outside the curriculum. Thus, parents have direct contact with the organization specializing in activities such as ballet or martial arts to sign their child up.

Awards and Achievements

The centre has received the SPARK accreditation. With many projects and partnerships under the caring guidance of Senior Teacher, Ms Anne Seow, it is no wonder she has bagged the prestigious Best Achievement Award only given to the select few teachers. The school Principal has also achieved herself an Excellence Award. Another achievement that makes the centre stand out from the list includes the Outstanding Kindergarten Distinction Award, involving 12 other centres which the Professional Learning Committee oversees.

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(Inactive) PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Whampoa Blk 112 (kn)

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