Walking into Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre, you will find a kindergarten that upholds the vision of “a Christian Kindergarten with a vibrant learning community, nurturing children of Curiosity, Creativity and Kindness”.

Stepping into any one of their classrooms, you will be instantly greeted with the colourful display of student work and teaching resources. The amount of dedication and effort put in by the teachers can be seen through the creative use of classroom wall space. Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten is a SPARK accredited institution, recognized by MOE as a quality preschool. The kindergarten offers programs that nurture 21st century skills like critical thinking and problem solving so that the children will be adaptable, confident, independent and life-long learners.
The teachers engage the children in purposeful play, with learning corners set up in every classroom. Each corner is designed with a specific purpose of developing children in any one of six areas: environmental awareness, motor skills development, numeracy and literacy, socio-emotional awareness and creative expression.

Besides purposeful play, teachers make use of “hands-on” activities like “Show-and-Tell” in thematic teaching, Music and Movement lessons and fieldtrips. In Music and Movement lessons, children are given the opportunity to explore various musical instruments, sing, dance and creatively express themselves.

As Information Technology has become integral into our daily lives, the kindergarten conducts weekly optional computer lessons. Children are guided in the use of the internet for learning.

Children are brought out for field trips every semester. An example will be the visit to Unity Primary School to prepare the children for primary education. This is followed by a project documenting their reflections of the visit. The kindergarten also has a strong character development programme that imparts Christian values to the children through Bible stories. Together with a sound curriculum and dedicated teachers, Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kndergarten develops the holistic learning of children in the cognitive, physical, aesthetics, social and moral domains.

Parents quote 1:
“As parents, we always want the best for our children, be it materially, emotionally or psychologically. Although these needs must first be met in a home environment, the school plays a vital part too. This is why we chose Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten for our two daughters.
The teachers respond accordingly to our children's needs: identifying and addressing their weaknesses, at the same time building on their strengths. We are glad that they are strict in enforcing class discipline but are flexible in meeting the needs of our children.
The different activities that the school has planned are apt and well thought-out. The learning corners are fun and have allowed the girls to apply what they have been taught. The singing sessions and Bible stories have become part of their daily lives and often times they will sing the songs at home, in the car or even in the bus. We think this is important because it bonds the girls together. And needless to say, our daughters look forward to all excursions because they like to go out with their friends and enjoy learning beyond the classroom.
Thank you, Mrs See and all the teachers for your love, patience and care for our children. Thank you for teaching them how to be caring and helpful above achieving good academic results. Thank you Mrs Chew for teaching all the wonderful songs that reminds them of God and His love for us. Thank you for believing in them. As Proverbs 11:25 rightly puts it: "... [the] one who waters will himself be watered".
Once again, thank you!”
Mr & Mrs Hwang (parents of Shine & Dawn)

Parents quote 2:
“We enrolled my son, Arnold Thomas, into Choa Chu Kang Bible Centre Kindergarten in year 2009. Thomas graduated in year 2011.  
What we could see and what impressed us with CCKBCK : The school environment and facilities are well organized and maintained. The classrooms, courtyard and play areas are suitable for children. 

What is our impression of the principal and teachers:

We always see friendly smiles on their faces. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Principal, Mrs See for the very kind support and effort taken in the planning and implementation of the school programs, such as the learning corner activities, excursions and centre events.
Thank you to the English and Chinese teachers for being kind, patient and supportive to Thomas and preparing him well for Primary one. I believe that Thomas had a good start for mother tongue in Chinese.
What we would like to see next:
Our daughter, Arnold Anya Veeraya, is in class K2A. She will have the same wonderful experience as her brother, having fun and enjoying their learning journey at CCKBCK.”

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