Christmas is right around the corner! How are you going to spend your holiday season with your little ones? Here are some suggestions you can try out with your children this holiday season.

Christmas Crafts

LittleLives Christmas-themed Stickers

1. Christmas Cards

The festive season is the time to connect with family and friends! Use these themed templates for cards and stickers to help your children write out notes to their loved ones, or even make a poster to invite them over for the holidays.


Christmas Stickers.pdf


Christmas Card - Final.pdf

Invitation posters:

LittleLives - Christmas Poster
Christmas Poster Templates from: LittleLives Team Step 1: Make a copy: Click File > Make a copy > Entire presentation > OK Step 2: Choose a template Step 3: Edit the information and add school logo Step 4: Save the Poster: Click File > Download > JPEG image/ PNG image

2. Snowflakes

Did you know that all snowflakes are six-pointed, and that no two snowflakes are alike? When putting up your Christmas tree this year, throw in a couple of homemade ornaments.

How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes
How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes: This step by step guide will teach you how to make SIX pointed paper snowflakes. Most people make (and most how-tos teach) snowflakes with four or eight points. Real snowflakes in nature form with six points (or occasionally three if they formed wei…

2. Painted Christmas Lights

Invite the kids to light up, not only on the Christmas tree, but the whole house with finger paint!

Source: Crafty Morning

3. Letter to the North Pole

Image for post
Source: srikanta H. U

How will Santa know what you want for Christmas? You’ll have to write him a letter!

We start with “Dear Santa”, and sign off the letter with “Love, <your name>”.

Making Dessert

1. Chocolate

In many countries, it gets cold this time of the year — and there just isn’t a better way to keep warm than with a comforting cup of chocolate. Try this microwave-brownie recipe with your children.  Easy, child-friendly, and delicious, this is one recipe you’re going to want to save.

2. Fruit Crafts

Looking for a healthier option? Christmas dinners typically serve many fruit based dishes — fruit cakes, fruit-infused pudding and fruity drinks. An easy-to-prepare snack is a fruit platter.

Source: The First Year
Source: One Handed Cooks

Found these ideas useful for Christmas with your family? Have great ideas of your own? Let us know in the comments! From our LittleLives family to yours, Merry Christmas!


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